Spring is here, the sun is shining, everything is recovering, and our garden is full of life again. Are you ready to redefine a different garden? To replace old wood panels or exterior walls, today I share a professional wood panel manufacturer—-Ruby.

Ruby is an expert in making pergolas, wooden doors or log cabins, they have more than 25 years of production experience, they can provide almost everything about wood products, and the quality is very good. Of course, if you need something other than the regular size, Ruby can provide custom services.

Below I will recommend some commonly used garden items. If you are looking for similar items, please refer to Ruby’s products. The quality is really great!

Garden & Patio Planters

Ruby’s Timber Floor Rectangular Planter Pots are very popular with people in the UK as this is a large part of the overall planter collection. A quality wood deck provides a great structure, making the pots strong, long-lasting, and durable while also looking great. And with a variety of functions and unique designs, they are suitable for multiple purposes, which means that it can be placed in any different environment and add something unique when it is installed. The exterior is a rectangular design, which helps to create a streamlined effect in the garden, suitable for growing a variety of different flowers in long beds, with enough places to accommodate them and get enough sunlight. The trim boards used are made of joinery grade Scandinavian mahogany pressure treated using green tanalith pressure treatment which gives the boards a long life and resistance to decay. Ruby has a huge range of rectangular floor planters that are functional, efficient and perfect for those looking to add style and class to these areas. These will enhance the overall design and add a different element to the space, creating an aesthetically pleasing look as flowers and plants grow. This is a great idea and will take your garden up a notch with this planter!

Softwood Driveway Gates

Ruby’s mahogany driveway gates are meticulously handcrafted by a professional team. Within the range of doors, there are a variety of designs and types of gates available to customers to ensure they find the right gate to complete the perfect driveway. All joints on the Ruby driveway gate are pre-cut and glued mortised and tenoned and all edges are carefully sanded and planed for a nice look!

Remember that Ruby can make any door to any height and width to ensure the customer has the right size and one-of-a-kind door. All of Ruby’s treated driveway doors match driveway side doors and can be used to fill any small or awkward gaps while maintaining design consistency. So, if you’re wondering if you have the right size, it’s an easy question!

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