There are only 2 months left until Halloween. Your children are probably already looking forward to it early, right? My little girl is 6 years old this year, and there is a little boy who is 8 years old. From time to time, they will think of last year’s Halloween. They are still so small. They can’t remember too many things in their small heads. It’s candy. Candy for Halloween! As a parent, I have no objection to children enjoying the festive atmosphere, but eating too many sweets will not be good for the teeth. Children love to eat and cannot avoid it. This is the root cause of our parents’ horror of Halloween candy. .
Why don’t we learn to eat with the kids? Being able to monitor both the type of candy they eat and the amount they eat so they don’t eat too much would be a way to lessen the fear. That’s what I do with my kids. Don’t be afraid, we can’t force children to ban what they like, we need to guide them, let them learn to control and learn to stop. Maybe my way of education is not suitable for every child, but it works very well for the children in my family. They have learned to control their cravings, and although they would love to eat more desserts, they will do so with my permission. I think it’s good because I know more.
The candy is delicious, the kids love it, and so do I. Seeing the variety of Halloween candies, I couldn’t help but test a few, and of course my kids too. Delicious and beautiful candies are always tempting. Just like our life, it is both good and full of bad side.