We should pay attention to some fashion news, but we should pay more attention to the needs of children.

I love Ginger Zee because she’s a person of integrity who actually has the courage to push back against parenting giants. Despite being 41 years old, she still accuses an internet giant with the impetus of a young person!
I watched in a video on Ginger Zee’s Instagram as Zee showed off the bad comment. The first sentence she starts with is described as follows.” I posted this photo on Facebook this morning, one of the first comments.’ Who’s raising your kids?” Zee and her husband Ben Aaron have two sons. eight-year-old Adrian and five-year-old Miles. A response to the commenter was later shown, and it really rings true, so you can’t help but feel really right. It reads as follows.” I am with the help of my family and our nanny. Don’t you come from a family where both parents work? I did, too. And it was amazing.”
The text at the end of the video reads.” I’d like to remind people again that when they have an opinion/criticism, it probably means they have more insight than I do. I feel so much peace and gratitude for the family I’ve created while achieving my professional goals. My experience may not be for everyone, but I am only human and it is just my own values”.
Later on Zee writes her own take on the whole thing.” At this point, I accept criticism from everyone, even criticism of my parenting style,” she also wrote.” I think this is an important topic and I don’t take this responsibility as a parent lightly. In other words, what’s ‘good’ for you isn’t going to be good for me. I hope other new parents feel that all the different structures of parenting bring support and understanding. If love, support and guidance surround the child, there is no right or wrong. It’s just a difference in approach.”
She would be wise to add: “I was lucky that both my parents worked hard but they loved me and raised me with the help of my grandmother, nannies and eventually stepparents” Everyone’s village looks different. Most importantly, growing up requires having loved ones, and I was lucky to have them.”
The interaction resonated with a lot of support for ZEE and many commenters opening up about their own experiences growing up in working class families!
I too live in a working class family and don’t have the capital to be rich enough to live a luxurious life, only to eat and drink without worrying, I love ZEE, she’s a real person!