Today I would like to share a story about a person who is struggling with depression. Pollack, aged 40, from London, England, now lives in Ibiza with his wife Justin and their five-year-old son. He is a well-known entrepreneur and creative strategist. I will share how he learned how best to treat his and his wife’s emotional disorder. Happy now.
When he was still in his 20s, he was diagnosed by doctors with bipolar disorder. For five years it dominated his life, disrupting all the dreams and ambitions he once had. He had to fight and be depressed.
When he was 24, he got a job as a researcher in advertising, but he didn’t really like the content of the job from his first day on the job. Still, he kept working there for a year. He felt bullied, belittled and misunderstood by his colleagues during his time there – but he eventually became a shadow of his past experiences. 10 months later, despite the quiet support of others, he couldn’t work and he felt he had to leave. Yes, he insisted on leaving the place of work.
That was the first time he had shown signs of bipolar disorder, no highs, only debilitating lows. There is a scientific view that when someone is depressed they are lazy and inactive, and yes, that was the case with him; they are encouraged to pick themselves up and hopefully get out and about. For him, there is a huge difference between what is happening in his head and what other people see. What is beautiful to an outsider may be torture or endurance to him!

But when he was in a bad mood, everything looked bad. The supermarket is full of all kinds of food and things that he doesn’t like, and suddenly it has become breathless, and the prospect of trying to work out what to buy makes him feel irritable. This is a distinctive feature of some depressions, which he understands in his mind and fights against, to overcome. Slowly calming himself down, not thinking about these things that seem bad, and seeing more of the outside world. It’s something he does a lot, cheers up silently in his mind, it’s a form of self-soothing! He is living a good life now, look at his smile!
I think it’s a great victory that a depressed person can slowly walk away to a normal life!