We often see women go on a diet to help them stay in perfect shape in order to stay in great shape, but should the same be true for children?

The answer is of course no. Although children are a little fat, they cannot reduce their food intake, because there are various nutrients in food, which can not only maintain their healthy growth, but also maintain their essential nutrients.

Teens grow up slowly, and one of the many challenges as parents is to want our children to grow up with healthy bodies. Despite the rise of body acceptance and body positivity movements, food culture tends to prevail in pop culture and social media. Because many teenagers need to lose weight is obvious. So, teens want to go on a diet, what should we do as parents? Just remember not to encourage your kids to diet — no matter their age.

Children are still at a stage of pursuing food and nutrition. Don’t pay too much attention to them, but they can moderately control the consumption of junk food and high-fat food. Because these are the root causes of obesity in children. After eating control, do moderate exercise to digest excess nutrients. This will keep children’s bodies both healthy and perfect. As parents, this is what we seek for healthy children and what we want to see.