A lot has changed in our lives since the pandemic, wallets are getting tighter, lives are working from home on a regular basis, and a lot of outdoor fun and parties has been lost. I don’t know how long this kind of life will last. I used to like to pay attention to fashion magazines and fashion clothes, and I slowly lost interest in these things. Because the time I stayed in the room gradually became longer, I began to like to enjoy this quiet life. Without the noise of the crowd, I can quietly enjoy this kind of thinking space.
In the past, I always liked to pursue fashionable things, whether it was brand bags, or brand-name clothes, shoes and socks, etc., I like to look at some trendy and fashionable things, although I may not be able to buy them, but even if Look at the pictures, taste slowly, but also a kind of fun. If you look at your life now, it’s all in the past.

My son has always wanted some gadgets, and I have also begun to have the patience to tell the little stories in life to the children. Maybe this is the calmness of the mind, and the irritable emotions that I used to be in the past are slowly being eliminated. I don’t know if this state is normal, but I enjoy it anyway. Saying goodbye to the old habits, the fashion magazines that I pursued, the fashion point of view, this is the biggest change I have made since the pandemic, and I feel that my emotions have been sublimated.